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Suzuki Lessons

The Suzuki approach is ideal for young beginners 5 and up. It is also ideal for the family who values music as part of the family culture and recognizes the many benefits of long-term music study. The repertoire used is classical.


The Suzuki approach emphasizes:

  • music as a language

  • developing fine musicianship

  • parental participation

  • cultivating positive character traits such as self-discipline, resilience, patience, and compassion

  • listening skills

  • delayed reading to establish a strong musical ear and healthy technique on the piano first

Classical Lessons

Classical music is full of beauty and complexity that can be appreciated and learned at any age.


In classically-focused lessons, students:

  • build the skills to play famous classical works by great composers of the past and more contemporary music

  • study music theory

  • learn how to sight read and how to play by ear

  • play music that is intellectually stimulating and expressive

Private or partner lessons work best for classical music study. This is an excellent option for anyone seeking to develop advanced technical skills on the piano.

Piano Concert Hall

Variety Lessons

Students who choose this track will be led through the fast-paced and fun Piano Safari method books, which feature a variety of different styles, from jazz to classical to new age.


In variety lessons, students:

  • get to dabble in different styles of music to discover what you enjoy playing the most

  • study music theory

  • learn how to improvise and express creativity on the piano


Learn by yourself or with a group of friends. This option is ideal for those who want to explore a wide variety of styles of music.


Recreational Lessons

If you are looking for something a little more freeform and casual, this is the option for you! Recreational music lessons are fully customizable to help students achieve specific goals or to simply have a fun outlet.


Recreational lessons can support learning:

  • favorite songs

  • improvisational playing

  • how to compose your own music

  • singing and piano playing skills

  • an expressive and healthy way to manage stress through music-making

Take recreational lessons on your own or grab a group of friends to join you on this adventure!

Playing Piano


Performing is a crucial part of music education. It helps students stay motivated, encourages strong practice habits, allows students to hear each other play and support each other, and can leave students with a great sense of accomplishment when they have prepared well for their performance.

All lesson packages include free monthly performance classes throughout the school year (August through May), with the exception of December and May. Performance classes take place on the second Tuesday of the month and each student is assigned to the best group for their age and skill level.

Each year, there is a Winter Recital and a Spring Recital, where students get to showcase their progress for family and friends. Other optional performance opportunities are also offered upon availability to students who wish to participate. These can include festivals, achievement days, coffee shop performances, and competitions.


Choose the option that best fits your family's needs.



  • flexibility for families who only want to take lessons during the school year or are not sure they will want to do lessons long-term

  • one-month advance notice is all that is required if your family decides to stop lessons

Annual Contract:

  • best option for families who are willing to make a long-term commitment to lessons

  • one-year commitment which includes 42 weekly lessons

  • lower monthly tuition rate that is guaranteed to remain the same over the duration of your contract


Your tuition includes weekly lessons, monthly performance classes during the school year, recitals, support from your teacher in between lessons as needed, and access to many helpful resources and enrichment opportunities.

Month-to-month tuition is as follows:

Private lessons

30 minutes • $126/mo

45 minutes • $150/mo

60 minutes • $177/mo

Partner and small group lessons​​

45 minutes • $102/mo

60 minutes • $123/mo

Annual contract tuition is as follows:

Private lessons

30 minutes • $115/mo

45 minutes • $137/mo

60 minutes • $161/mo

Partner and small group lessons

45 minutes • $93/mo  

60 minutes • $112/mo

A 10% discount is available for additional family members. Grace Piano Studio believes that music lessons should be accessible to all. If tuition cost is a barrier for your family, please call to discuss options.


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