Private Lessons

Private lessons are an excellent choice for students of all ages, providing the most individual learning setting.


In private lessons, students are taken through the Suzuki method and Excellence in Music workbooks. Students learn how to play by ear, read music, improvise and compose, and more.

Some benefits of private lessons include:

  • individual attention

  • personal connection

  • tailored to individual learning needs

  • ease of scheduling

  • learn completely at your own pace

Partner Lessons

Learning the piano with someone else is double the fun! Partner lessons are a great way for family members, friends, or beginners close in age to learn how to play the piano together.

The Suzuki Method and Excellence in Music workbooks or Piano Safari are used in partner lessons, along with theory games and other aspects of music education woven in.

Some of the many benefits of partner lessons are:

  • accountability and mutual support

  • motivation to practice

  • learning by watching another person learn

  • collaborating and playing duets

  • sharpened listening skills

  • friendship

  • more fun!

Small Group Lessons and Classes

Group lessons are a fun and engaging way for new students to explore music and the piano together.

For long-term group lessons, Suzuki or Piano Safari are used.

There are also a variety of shorter-term options to choose from - current group class offerings are listed below.

Music and Movement (ages 1-4)

The benefits of children engaging in musical activities from an early age cannot be understated!

These interactive parent and child classes offer an opportunity for families to bond through music making and give children a foundation not only in music, but in language, learning, and classroom readiness.

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Little Twinklers (ages 5-7) and Rising Stars (ages 8-11)

These classes are designed to prepare new students and parents for Suzuki piano lessons. This is highly recommended for all incoming students ages 5-11, as it lays the foundation for successful piano lessons, giving students an opportunity to learn together and encourage one another, families an opportunity to get to know each other, and begin learning in a safe and loving atmosphere.

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Piano for Fun (teens and adults)

If you love the piano but want to take a more relaxed approach to learning, this is the class for you! This class covers key musical concepts in a discovery-based manner, how to play a variety of music, and development of skills that will allow you to play the music you want to for fun. Have a group of friends you want to jam out with? Put a note in the registration comments to let me know!

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Families transitioning from Little Twinklers or Rising Stars who wish to continue

in a small group are welcome to upon request.

Is there a class you wish was offered? Let me know and it may become a possibility!


Performing is a crucial part of music education. It helps students stay motivated, encourages strong practice habits, allows students to hear each other play and support each other, and can leave students with a strong sense of accomplishment when they have prepared well for their performance.

All lesson packages include free monthly performance classes during the school year (September through May), with the exception of December. Two day/time options are available each month and students are encouraged to perform as often as possible.

Each year, there is a Winter Recital and a Spring Recital. Other optional performance opportunities will also be offered upon availability to students who wish to participate. These may include festivals, achievement days, and competitions.

Lesson Length

30 minutes

45 minutes

60 minutes

Monthly Tuition

private lessons




Monthly Tuition

partner lessons



Monthly Tuition

small group lessons



Note: Rates are per student not per family.

10% discount available for additional family members

* some group classes have a different rate (click registration link to view price)

Tuition Cost