PARENTS: You play a vital role in your child's music education!

Participating in the learning process with your child can not only strengthen the bond you share but also help your child continue to progress throughout the week in between lessons. Things you can do to help your child learn:

  1. Ask questions and make sure you understand what the assignments are for the week at every lesson.

  2. It is recommended that parents purchase and read the book Nurtured by Love by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki to gain a deeper understanding of the Suzuki philosophy, upon which my teaching is based.

  3. Consider piano study as a portion of your child’s core education. This means placing importance on practicing just as you would with homework.

  4. Help your child develop an ear for music by playing the Suzuki recordings as often as possible in their presence. They don’t have to sit and focus on listening. Playing, reading, or pretty much any activity is fine while the recording is playing as long as it is still audible.

  5. Practice effectively with your child (see excerpt from Studying Suzuki Piano: More than Musicby Carole L. Bigler and Valery Lloyd-Watts).

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